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Grow as an engineer through 100+ concise, actionable insights.

Get promoted faster, learn to influence, work better with your manager, have a framework for leading projects, become a top-notch mentor, give demos like a pro, and more.

The TLDR or "Too long, Didn't read" library is a curated list of actionable insights from 50+ High Growth Engineer articles.

Read it in 1 hour and see the benefits in days.

Here are a few example insights:

  • Getting your manager to want to promote you (source)
    • Make it clear you want to exceed their expectations. Ask them directly how you can take on more work for them or the team.
    • Translate your impact into language they can communicate to other senior leaders—dollars and time. Minimize explaining your impact solely in code.
  • Wording tweaks (source)
    • Use “Would you be open to” instead of “Can you” when you want to seem less commanding but still lead to a “yes.”
    • Add “because” to your reasoning or request to strengthen it.
    • Use “can we” instead of “can you” to be more collaborative, particularly in code reviews.
    • Use “What do you think” to assert a suggestion but still leave it open for discussion.
    • Use “It seems like” when the conversation is at a stalemate and you want to call it out directly. Many times this breaks the stalemate.
    • Change the order of your “but” to negate the part you actually want to negate.
  • Starting a mentoring relationship: Get to know your mentee on a personal level and their long term goals. (source)
    • “Where are you from?”
    • What do you like to do for fun?”
    • What are you most passionate about?”
    • Do you like to read books? What kind?”
    • Do you have any pets?”
    • How was your weekend? Do you have any weekend plans?”
    • “What’s top of mind for you?”
    • “What are you hoping to get out of this? What would a successful mentorship relationship look like?”
    • “Describe to me what would your ideal future look like in 1-3 years?”

The full library has 100+ insights that you can read in an afternoon and start applying the next day to grow in your career.


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Last updated Apr 2, 2024

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